TrueWay Properties and Renovations is a full-service real estate and renovations company. We sell houses and renovate old, outdated houses into homes of your dreams.

Read what our clients have to say about us:

We recently purchased a home from TrueWay Properties. It is an older home that has been beautifully remodeled and updated. We were impressed with the quality of the updates done to the house, which was one of the main reasons we bought it. Shortly after buying the house, we had a plumbing problem. A pipe under the house was clogged which caused water to leak from the first floor ceiling when our master bath shower was used. TrueWay Properties came back to our house and completely fixed the problem (even though it wasn’t their responsibility because we had already purchased the home). This was a great show of the integrity of the company. It’s not every seller of a home that would do that. We think very highly of TrueWay Properties and would recommend them to anyone we know in the market for a new home. We’re lucky we bought from them!

Dean and Carrie, Tucker, GA

We were very impressed with TrueWay Properties – so much so that we bought a beautifully updated home from them in 2008, then called them back several years later to knock down a wall and handle a few other renovations. Don and the gang were professional and knowledgeable. They even worked with us to keep the price down by allowing us to do the demo work and other minor parts of the project that we were capable of handling ourselves. We have talked about adding another room to the house, and if we do, TrueWay will be the only company we consider.

Gary and Jaime, Decatur, GA

You are too much!! I just can’t believe what I saw when I got home this evening. Amazing and once again—way above and beyond what I expected. I have to admit, I hoped the garage and store room would someday get to where you got it, but I thought that was some way-out-distant date when I’d have time to do it. You did it and you did it way better than I would ever have figured out how to do it.

The ladder on hooks above the door. Smart! And the other trailer pieces hung on unused wall area—brilliant. And all the little things, like putting the needed containers and hooks on the peg board. I needed that, but thought someday I’d have to figure all that out. Wow, I just can’t thank you enough.

I’ll be in the office all day tomorrow, so call me if you want to talk about where we are on all the projects. I know Luke helped Cindy with several other tasks I needed done, so once you have all the labor and costs together, just give me a call or do an invoice for me.

I am once again and as always, one very happy customer !!

Susan G., Smoke Rise, GA

TrueWay Properties saved us from foreclosure. I was praying for help when the note was put on my door. We almost lost our house and all our equity to a investor group. We would have lost everything. TrueWay Properties got us the professional help we needed to get our house back, we then sold our house and made over $65,000 to put down on a new house. We know TrueWay did the right thing for us

Jane C. Lilburn, GA

TrueWay Properties helped me move on with my life. I had been through a divorce and was awarded the house. Shortly afterwords, I lost my job and had to move to another state to find work in my profession. I was hundreds of miles away with all my stuff in a storage facility and renting an apartment. Our house needed lots of work? TrueWay Properties bought my house “as-is” and closed in less than three weeks. The money I got at the closing allowed me to get my stuff out of storage, put a down payment on a new home and move myself and my kids out of the noisy crowded apartment complex we were in. Thanks you guys, your real life savers.

Donna S., Nashville, TN

We kept the home we raised our family in after we moved. We fixed the home up nicely while we lived there, but, after several years as a rental property, the home needed lots of work to be ready to sell. I didn’t have the time or money to put into the house. Because TrueWay Properties was flexible we closed in less than a month without me having to do any repairs. I just showed up to the closing and picked up my check and we got another check a month or two later after the house was re-sold. Thanks! TrueWay Properties, you sure made this easy on me.

David D., Loganville, GA

I lost my job. Thought I would find work quickly but didn’t. We had equity in our house but our credit was bad so I couldn’t refinance. TrueWay Properties really helped me through a jam. I downsized to a smaller house. Kept a lot of my equity and am off to a new start. Thanks TrueWay Properties.

Ken A., Norcross, GA

I was ready to move. Didn’t know where to begin. I have to admit I let the house get into bad shape. They gave me a fair offer and we closed in about 2-weeks. They even paid for movers to help me move my stuff.
Thanks TrueWay Properties

Pamela P., Chamblee, GA

I had to move to North Carolina with in two weeks. I had a some equity but just wanted to walk away from the comitment of my house. I called TrueWay Properties and within 5-days they took over payments on my loan so I could move without worrying about the house in Atlanta. Thanks for making it quick and easy!

Will C., Charlotte, NC